3 Sure Fire Ways To Build Reader Trust

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Building Reader Trust
Ever wondered why your competitor is having runaway success and you aren’t?

Chances are that it has less to do with slick sales copy and more to do with trust equity.

Sometimes you don’t have trust because you’ve been in constant pitch mode, or maybe you are just new to the scene. Don’t worry though, there are several sure fire way to find your voice with visitors and turn them into loyal fans.

Understanding Trust

Believe it or not, building trust is not that hard if you follow a few simple guidelines.

At the end of the day, people are going to trust who they feel like they know, over who might actually be the best solution.

If you can find a way to connect with your readers in a relatable way, you are going to be leaps and bounds ahead of most. Yes, this means coming out of your shell a little bit and letting people get to know you.

Are you a little weird? It’s cool, it will be more fun doing what you do when you can be yourself. Your real audience will respect you for that.

1. Doing Webinars

This is far and away the most effective thing you can do to earn your readers trust.

You’ve probably been seen or heard about webinars that big names have been doing lately.

Why? Because they freaking work.

Beyond just being a sales tool, webinars are an amazing way to get in front of your audience in a way that feels personal and your audience is going to eat it up.

Think about a LIVE webinar experience, it gets your voice and tone in front of everyone. It’s almost as good as having you in the room with them or doing a personal skype call.

The mistakes you make during webinars too make you more approachable, they make you feel more like a human.

Better yet? You can even make a big impact by using some free tools.

Sure, GoToWebinar is the gold standard but that’s pretty expensive for a lot of people.

Don’t be afraid to use Ustream or another free alternative. Using a cheaper alternative is much better than using nothing at all.

Fun Side Effect of Webinars

Besides the benefits listed above, there are some awesome side benefits that can come from webinars.

When you consistently deliver content driven (read: no pitch) webinars, the word gets out. As word gets out, your new loyal fans start telling their friends and suddenly you start building momentum.

That means fresh faces, and a bigger audience.

Then, once you’ve built a loyal following you’ve also trained them to clamor to get on your webinars. Never discount how habitual humans are.

Know what that kind of behavior means when it’s time to finally give a soft pitch? People are going to act in DROVES and you are going to crush it.

2. A Creative Bio

This is a great opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back without sounding full of yourself.

A good mix of accomplishments with your unique brand of humor is typically good. People want to know two simply things when reading a bio.

1. Why should they be listening to you

You need to boast a little here, it’s even encouraged by your readers to do so. They want to know exactly why they should be listening to you instead of someone else.

I read an interesting quote somewhere that said something to the effect of “If you read two books in your industry every single day, after one year you’d be 10 years behind the curve”, or something to that effect.

What that means is that people have to pick the right people to follow. We live in a curation age now, no longer will just creating the content count. You have to bring meaningful information, and quickly, or else you will lose your audience.

2. Are you going to be entertaining to follow

More than being educated, people want to be entertained.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so add some personal flare and sarcasm into your bio to show that you aren’t just all business. Most people are going to appreciate this and be more likely to come back a second, third, fourth time etc.

3. Writing Persona

Everyone has a particular way of writing and articulating information. This is the biggest reason it’s a bad idea outsource your social media accounts if you care about how your audience sees you.

Same goes for blogging and every other piece of content you produce. If your name goes on it, then it should be genuinely written by you.

This is something a few of my clients have disagreed with me on and their stats reflect the amount of effort they’ve put into their *personal* brands.

Does this mean you have to create everything that touches your social streams, webinars or blog posts?

Absolutely not, it’s something that is next to impossible to scale. However, it does mean that when you get contributors that you let them bring their name and style to the mix as an integral part of your brand experience.

If you attempt to hire ghostwriters etc and your audience finds out, then they are going to feel betrayed. And that’s just about a worst case scenario.

NOTE: Using ghostwriters to build the framework for your copy is just fine. So long as you do what’s called “overwriting” and mold it to your own voice before stamping it with your name and brand.

Action List

Now that you have some ideas on how to build trust with your audience, how are you going to act on it?

My personal suggestion is go and try running a webinar since you can do it for free and it has the biggest impact.

You don’t need a massive audience to present to, but you do need to pick something relevant to your niche.

Secondly, take a closer look at your bio and start thinking about how you are going to scale your content without compromising on your writing persona.

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