4 Sexy Landing Page Fixes for Huge Conversion Boosts

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Get your visitors to convert

For those of us who run a blog, own a website or work in Internet Marketing, the goal has and will always be to get as many visitors to our site to convert as possible.

While the conversion part may be a little different for some of us (sales, reads, shares, subscriptions, etc), the work behind it is all the same.

We treat our website like a house, we would ideally like everyone to walk through the front door to the homepage. But in Google’s eyes you’ve left every door unlocked, windows open and even the code to the garage pasted on the wall. Every page of a website has the possibility to make the first impression for a new visitor.

This is why website owners must pay close attention to every potential landing page on their site. We treat each one of the pages as if it were the homepage.

Everything from design to SEO efforts, all so they hopefully sit down for coffee stay for dessert and end the night converting with you (like what I did there?)

While I may not be an expert I have noticed through research, experimenting and experience, four aspects of a landing page that people quickly look for before popping their cherry as a new customer, subscriber or reader.


The biggest factor of a website when surfing the net nowadays has to be trust. Like a sloppy drunk at the bar or a middle aged man driving a van with a pencil thin mustache and glasses, your website can put off the same questionable suspicions.

Hooking up with a random and visiting a dubious website can both result in a virus of some sort.

Posting awards, seals and badges are always a good way to get people’s attention and quickly gain trust.

Are you part of the Better Business Bureau? Does your website have a secure checkout? You pay for these things in order to make visitors feel more comfortable, why not put them front and center, show them off and prove to the visitor that you care.

We work hard to be the best at something and awards and recognitions make us feel good. It makes customers feel the same. Even though celebrities may claim to have their Grammy or Oscar sitting in the closet, their movies and CDS always say award winner on them for a reason.

Use this same tactic on your site.


The overall design of a landing page can easily effect your conversion rate. And it all goes back to trust.

If the first page they see looks like it was made back in 1995 with Geocities, still has a hit counter and plastered with animated gifs everywhere, users are going to bounce.

While that may be more of an extreme example, other more subtle factors of your design could hurt your conversion rate. A huge mistake from an internet marketer’s perspective has been focusing too much on Google and not the audience.

While it may be nice to be on the first page of a search query, if you’ve flooded a landing page with keywords and doesn’t read well any more people are going to start to question.

Scattered images and bad CSS really draw people away as well. When reworking the design of your site, it’s always good practice to check layout on multiple browsers as each have very small differences that can make HUGE differences in the appearance of your site.

Call to Action

Make it easy for people to give you their money

Ever shop on a website and have chosen the product you want, now you’re ready to checkout and pay, but you can’t find the “checkout” button?

Yeah, that should never happen.

The call to action button(s) must be above the fold and easy to identify.

This is true for every call to action button on a landing page. Subscription forms, social sharing, whatever the case may be, even if they really like what you have to offer, they aren’t going to go digging around for long to help you out.

There’s too much other stuff out there and not enough time to view it all.


I’m not talking about giving your visitors an exam before they complete their sale, it’s more of a test for yourself.

I wouldn’t have figured out these other effective key changes to landing pages without experimenting a little, going over the numbers in analytics, making changes and repeating the process over and over again.

Raising your conversion rate isn’t an easy task for a lazy man. It takes time and effort. I might have given you a cheat sheet for success, but it will still be on you to see what works best for you and your landing pages.

About the author: Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer at Blue Soda Promo, an online promotional products company. BSP imprints logos on items like custom tote bags, stress balls, koozies, sunglasses and polo shirts at ridiculously low prices. We make your brand POP!

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