Being highly effective (and insanely great)

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Being Effective With Organization

Being highly effective isn’t just part of a catchy book title, however habits have a lot to do with it – but more with your habits towards your team and how you prioritize life.

In order to reach any kind of real success you need to have organization and a systematic way of doing things that makes the best use of your time regardless of the task at hand.

As your business grows this means understanding what to delegate to someone else, what to take on yourself and how to prioritize since there is only one true “number one” priority in the world (contrary to the belief of many mania driven leaders).

Characteristics of a highly effective person

I’m a big believer in the idea that in order to be rapidly successful, it’s best to do as those who are already successful do.

Even if those with success don’t realize what they are doing differently, inherently there is something about the way they go about their business that has made a material difference.

For instance, if your goal was to be the best chef in the world, then it would make the most sense to shadow chef’s who have already made it and see what their (sometimes intangible) “it factor” is.

While there are no doubt special circumstances where markets differ, I’ve found a few commonalities for what makes a highly successful person:

  1. They have built a team of specialized people who are true experts in their craft
  2. This team has been assembled to fulfill specific functions in the business
  3. Highly effective people understand the constant constraint on their time
  4. A majority of their business acts like cogs in a wheel to respond to real time demand
  5. When it comes to personal life management, they have a black & white priority list

These factors alone won’t make you an overnight success, but applying these methodologies to how you run your operation will give you a great advantage compared to those who don’t understand these principles.

Picking the right team

Deciding who you can work with is the most crucial part of being highly effective.

As Steve Jobs used to point out, “You want a team of A players and A players want other A players around too. B players just attract C players and so on.”

If you are relaxed in the quality caliber person you allow into your organization, it becomes very easy to get bloated and inefficient at what you do.

Just like many others, I have made the mistake of hiring people I thought could “get the job done but keep the price down” which is like chasing unicorns.

It just doesn’t exist.

When you are finding the right team, make sure you hire the best that your money can buy.. and then go up one more notch.

No one will make your business more money and be more effective than having the highest caliber team, period.

How to automate your business

Business automation is important for two big reasons.

It lets you scale gracefully and give your users a consistent experience (that’s measured).

Deciding what the sequence will be for your products (the funnel), where your leads come from and how customers move from one milestone to the next gives you the measurable insight you need to make smart decisions.

There are so many tools out there to help you do this, and if you don’t understand them then go hire the right person who does.

Being able to measure and automate that flow is going to make every hour you spend running your business exponentially more effective.

This includes such simple things as creating automation rules to pay your bills every month.

Humans make errors (I do all the time!), and things just break down sometimes.

When you are able to take core fundamentals and break them down into simple to execute processes then you suddenly have a chance of winning.

This means solidifying what it is exactly that your company does, what you want to accomplish and what your value is to your customers.

It sounds simple, but you’d be shocked how many companies make products they don’t believe in just to sell something instead of solving an actual pain point.

Putting your personal priorities in check

Do you know the exact rank of priorities in your personal life?

Many have soft areas in their life that they can’t feel completely confident in making a clear distinction between what’s deemed more important.

If you can’t prioritize your personal life into simple “yes/no” prioritization’s, then how can you ever hope to get your business there too?

Luckily, there are so many “to-do” apps out there that help keep you in line.

My favorite however makes it painfully obvious which activities I should be doing over others through a ranking system.

It’s really a to-do app done right, and it’s called “Clear” by RealMac Software (the same guys who made my favorite screen capture app, LittleSnapper).

This app sorts each list my explicit priority and helps technology get out of the way of you getting things done.

I suggest you go download it now if you have an iPhone by clicking here. (That’s not an affiliate link, I just genuinely love the App).

Getting started

How are you going to setup your team to help you win?

What are you going to do differently to organize your personal life?

If you can’t up-level your team (or even create one to start with), organize your life or automate your business processes as best you can then you need to take some time to seriously think through how you are going to be the best provider of what you do in your craft.

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