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Blow your customers away with amazing service

It seems like my inbox is flooded with promises of “ninja ways to increase conversions” from some guru who got a special insight from a drunk guy in a Russian bar that generated an extra $100k in profit. B.S. radar going crazy yet?

Besides the obvious problems with this kind of nonsense, is that even if these tricks DO work – it never lasts. The name of the game should be sustainability of income.

Worst yet, the refund rates from people who feel duped by whatever method you used to get them to buy feel taken advantage of and even betrayed.

And in case you haven’t noticed, a customer who feels betrayed is not only a high PR risk but they are next to impossible to keep around with their wallet open.

People hate to feel tricked. (DUH!)

So while there are thousands of things you can do to make a sales page better such as better copywriting, split testing images, better explaining your value proposition etc there is one thing that blew ALL of those out of the water for me.

I found that changing one little thing in the way I approached sales pages created a massive 381% increase in sales conversions and historically low refund rates for my product.

It completely blew the doors off of my business and I’ll never be turning back.

Treating Your Customers Like Humans

This is going to sound silly when you say it out loud, but the biggest flaw with 99% of the marketing advice out there is that people can easily forget that you have to treat your customers like humans.

Have you ever wondered why there is a massive difference between “warm traffic” (clicks you send) compared to “cold traffic” (clicks that any external source sends) in terms of conversions and earnings per click?

People buy from people they trust, be a stellar resource and the customers will flock to you in the masses. [Tweet This Quote]

It’s almost sad how shocked and amazed most people are when you put just a little more effort into customer retention and being accessible to their needs. Luckily this gives you a drastic advantage that will create lifelong customers who will go bonkers for what you do and even be willing to pay more money for the same product if you’re the one selling it.

How To Earn Customer Love

Be super accessible to your potential and existing customers and be available for contact across every major communication channel.

Your potential customers want to know they are going to get the support they need before they buy, and people who have bought need to be blown away with how hard you are willing to work to keep their business through stellar support on all channels.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you need to ask yourself something.

“If I worked THIS hard to get a sale in the first place, how hard should I be willing to work to keep it?”

The answer to that should be that you are willing to work AT LEAST as hard to keep someone as you are willing to acquire them in the first place.

Think about how much energy went into getting that customer between capital expenses, media budgets and leaning on the credibility of your affiliates. It’s a massive effort to get someone to trust you enough to open their wallet the first time, so it’s your obligation to make them feel great about their experience even if they end up wanting a refund.

The Secret Sauce for 381% Improvement

Wondering what I did differently that completely blew my (already good) conversion numbers out of the water?

I installed a live sales and support chat service on my sales and documentation pages.

Now, when I have my regular messenger up and running anyone on the site can instant message with me to ask my questions from pre-sale to support.

The results (sales increases aside) have been stunning. Not only will you sell way more product and shrink your refund to near-zero ranges, you are going to learn SO much about your customer base.

People will tell me the exact use cases they are thinking about using my stuff for, or at the very least gives them an authentically awesome first line of response for any issues they might be having.

Everyone works their tail off to make sure that there is as little friction as possible to get a customers money, but what about a no-friction communication strategy?

How To Do It

There are several to kill it with live chat, but two services in particular stick out as the market leaders. These are the same people who are being used for major brands like, Hipmunk, 99designs and many more.

One thing both of these services have in common is that they tightly integrate with support ticket and CRM systems for a complete customer cycle solution.

1. Olark

Engage customers in real time

This is the exact service that I use on Contest Domination for the huge gains mentioned above. It’s a breeze to install and even easier to use, when someone shows up to your site you can set an in browser chat window to pop-up with a custom message that gets the conversation started.

If your chat is set to away or you aren’t logged in, customers can still drop you a note and Olark will send you an email with the message so you can follow up right away.

I love how the messenger name is filled with all kinds of customer information like location, browser, page they are currently viewing and how they go there (Facebook, Google search etc)

Olark Chat Data

To get started with the Olark, my favorite live chat service click here.

2. Snap Engage

Snap Engage Live Chat

Snap Engage is impressive in it’s own right and has an a-list roster of current customers.

The functionality and feature set is pretty similar to Olark, it basically comes down to personal preference and what feature set you need.

Differences here are primarily that Olark starts at a lower price point, however with Snap Engage you can get an SSL certificate on a much less expensive plan.

Trial Snap Engage by clicking here.

How do you plan to wow your customers with amazing availability and prove that you aren’t just another vendor that is easily replaced?

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Michael May 23, 2012 at 8:04 PM

Hey Travis, you do practice what you preach.
At about the same time I purchased Contest Domination, I had also purchased another product. On the forum for that product, the 2 marketers would talk down to the customers who had legitimate questions. They would say things like “Guys, for the low price we let you buy the product you shouldn’t be asking for so much”… or “We already spent thousands of dollars and sleepless nights creating this product bla bla bla”.
Then your wso came out. And the difference in how you responded to the questions people were asking (even the demanding ones) was striking. You were respectful. Helpful. One could sense the humility in you.
Believe me, I’ve dealt with quite a few of those marketers who are only interested in separating you from your money. The arrogance because I guess they feel they were clever enough to get you to open your wallet. I BUY FROM THOSE ONLY ONCE NO MATTER WHAT THEY’D SELL IN THE FUTURE. I ALSO ASK FOR A REFUND !!
You are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. You are a true marketer.


Travis Ketchum May 23, 2012 at 8:38 PM


Thank you so much for the kind words. While it’s a tough balance to walk (because it really does cost thousands of dollars, and endless amounts of work) that is irrelevant to customers. They don’t care how much it costs or how hard it is produce, they just care how it is going to solve their pain points for what they deem is a “fair price”.

I would much rather make as many people walk away happy as possible (even the refunds) so that next time they are willing to pull the trigger more easily AND they might even be willing to pay a pinch more if they know the level of support and love they will get from me.

Nothing easy is built overnight, but I definitely appreciate hearing from people like you 🙂

Hope you are crushing it with your contests and if there is anything I can do don’t hesitate to let me know.


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