Crowd Mentality

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Do you still think that there isn’t a tipping point for business to have a user growth chart that is up and to the right? Check out this video for a perfect example how after a crazy person (read: entrepreneur) decides to put something on the line, it takes a certain number of people (read: users) before the crowd rushes in to see what this “fun” is all about (read: mass market appeal).


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Building a sustainable business is all about how well you can gather and maintain an audience. An email list is still one of the most viable ways to do just that.

We wanted to find a way to build an email incredibly fast, in a way that people actually find interesting, engaging and well - cool. It took a lot of testing to weed-whack through all the hype and find something that really worked.

The result? We ended up building our own solution, focused around the idea of contests and rewarding people for taking the actions that ultimately led to more leads on our email list. Everyone wins (and some literally do!), because as it turns out people love contests regardless of their market place.

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