Info Products Suck (But make a lot of money..)

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Informational products have always been an interesting beast, there is certainly value in information as Google has completely solidified, but what is it worth and who should actually buy it? That is a tough question to answer, but it is a question that so many so eager to fulfill.

Why they suck

We all need information. That much is fact, but the question is not “do we need it” but rather “who is best to give us this information?”. Often times we buy from people we have heard of, not people who are actually the authorities in any given field. This is the same reason that Tiger Woods is paid millions to represent Buick, when we all know that Tiger Woods is not the best mechanic on the face of the earth (among other things). While this is not always the case, it seems that far too frequently the people who are least qualified to be creating and promoting an information product are the leaders in the pack.

Who makes money

Importantly, the often is not the person who ends up buying the product to fulfill a need they think is currently unmet. Many of these products prey demographics who shouldn’t be shelling out the $50, $500 or $5,000 to “get started” when they could instead be paying off Credit Cards, Loans and other things that are absolutely eating them alive. So many times it seems that informational products pitch “How To’s” based on theory, models that no longer work or BOTH. So who really makes money off of these products? It’s often times JUST the information product producer who leaves little value on the table that can be quantified by customer.


Here is where I directly apologize to you and the community as a whole. Not because I have created an information product and charged for it (I haven’t), not because I have made money from informational products (I have..), but mainly because I have subjected my audience to the same flavor of bullshit that has been floating around in the performance marketing industry for the past6 months more than ever. I am sorry for sharing information products that made me money because now I feel like I have done a disservice to you.

From here on out, I promise to more heavily screen the people and offers that I connect you to and make sure that the value is easily quantifiable for YOU before wasting your time talking about it. I hope that you can forgive me for buying into the hype a little bit, I just wanted to set things straight.

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