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It’s pretty typical for people in the “Internet marketing world” to basically just try to out market each other, and we have to work so incredibly hard to try and stay ahead of the game.

To make matters worse every time we find something that works, it has an expiration date on it before other marketers take noticed and copy you. Which seems fine until you realize that people desensitize to ANYTHING when they see it over and over so everyone’s effectiveness goes down in the long run.

But what happens when you take those skills and put it to work for people who have been sticking to the old rules of engagement?

I recently did just that for one of my favorite car blogs, who had recently just been banned from AdSense for the POTENTIAL of invalid clicks, even though no bad traffic had been reported.

Jay, the guy who runs the blog had put out a call for sponsors but I knew I’d be able to help him build a real asset through his LIST instead of living and dying off of ad revenue.

Simply Copying What Works

As you can see from the image above, I took what was working quite well with this blog and applied to his content.

Without using any light boxes etc I was able to start collecting leads for him immediately. We used the standard feature box and sidebar opt-in, but a few other places account for nearly 40% of his leads right now too.

The “post footer” opt-in (which also shows up after 3 main posts on the home page) and his about page are hot zones for leads. The about page is probably the most overlooked area for putting a call to action for people to sign-up for your newsletter.

I think I literally spent 5 minutes start to finish creating his about page, dropped in an image and an opt-in and now it’s 20%+ of all opt-ins. Crazy returns.

Explosive Opt-ins

As I mentioned above, he quickly went from NO list at all to getting tons of opt-ins literally overnight. So what’s up?

Well, Jay had been a persistent blogger since 2009 following the old school rules of engagement and success. He blogged frequently but more important consistently!

All that content makes him an authority to Google because he has such a breadth of content (roughly 800 posts) all about VW vehicles without duplicating much content at all. Even though his posts are short, they deliver the kind of content his users are looking for and therefore he has low bounce rates too.

While any site you add opt-ins on see a less than natural opt-in curve to start, I’m confident that with the mix of new readers he gets every day from his massive number of back links and organic traffic (these are notably parallel for traffic) that he will continue to get a lot of fresh faces on his list and in no time will have a massive, laser focused list.

Diamond in the Rough

It’s rare to find these kinds of sites, where someone has plugged along for so long consistently simply because they loved what they did without any expectation of financial return.

I offered to help turn it into an asset that he can monetize without being annoying because I was afraid that with him losing AdSense he might not be willing to keep up his consistently and I selfishly liked his blog 🙂

This is also a nice reminder, that if you are just into blogging for the money instead of for the love of whatever you are talking about then you are in the wrong industry and need to find a new job because it’s likely never going to work.

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Building a sustainable business is all about how well you can gather and maintain an audience. An email list is still one of the most viable ways to do just that.

We wanted to find a way to build an email incredibly fast, in a way that people actually find interesting, engaging and well - cool. It took a lot of testing to weed-whack through all the hype and find something that really worked.

The result? We ended up building our own solution, focused around the idea of contests and rewarding people for taking the actions that ultimately led to more leads on our email list. Everyone wins (and some literally do!), because as it turns out people love contests regardless of their market place.

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Geoff May 14, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Hi Travis,

I know you can iframe Contest Domination into Facebook but just wondering if you make an update in wordpress does that update get real time passed into the iframed version on facebook. I suppose I’m asking if updates are active or whether the update has to be reframed to pass through to facebook?


Travis Ketchum May 16, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Once you publish an update, anything iFramed will pass the changes.

In the future, you will want to ask these kinds of questions in the Contest Domination forum which you can find here:


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