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Internet Marketing Forum
I love working with people I meet through The College Startup, but I’ve always felt like something was missing.

People either love or hate forums, but I always thought it would make a welcome addition to the community here. And while I had played around with countless solutions they all seemed to more or less suck.. a lot.

Finally, I found bbPress (after it had gone through many updates that seemed pretty cool). However, it had some glaring issues running on Thesis that were complete show stoppers until a wise blogger created a fix (thread linked here).

After having a fix for the last thing standing in my way I’m pleased to bring you the Internet marketing forum section of TheCollegeStartup!

If you want to check it out, keep in mind it’s brand new but you can go here. To get started you are going to need to register with this site first so you have an account, which can be done by registering here.

Looking forward to see what you guys do with it and how you can help each other. I’ll personally be there in there too answering questions when I can.

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