Just Haven’t Met You Yet

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As entrepreneurs, we can often relate our business passions to that of our lives with a significant other. We put so much effort into things we like to try and see them succeed and grow into something truly amazing. Today I was listening to my iTunes when @MichaelBuble’s song came on ” Just Haven’t Met You Yet” and I couldn’t help but draw the similarities between an entrepreneurs quest to build something amazing and the human desire to find someone you love to spend your life with.

“I promise you kid, I give so much more than I get”

Starting a business isn’t easy at all – in fact I can say without a doubt that starting not one, but two businesses so far it has been the most challenging thing in my life. Every time you decide to put yourself on the line financially, emotionally, and mentally you run a huge risk of being hurt, battered and depending on the level of risk you might even feel broken by the end. But what entrepreneurs see is amazing OPPORTUNITY that makes the risk all worth it. If you aren’t this person out of your circle of friends, chances are that you know at least one or two who seem not only willing, but EAGER to do this kind of thing.

But what is incredibly important about entrepreneurs like us is that we are willing to take that risk. No risk, no reward.. this saying has always been true and always will be. I know that I wake up every morning and ask myself “Why am I doing this? Why am I putting all my chips on the table to try and do this?”. But every day I keep working at it because I know deep down I am far from satisfied with the status quo – I want to build something truly amazing.

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