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Myspace My Ads Homepage

Myspace My Ads Homepage

A lot of college students and the newly unemployed seem to be searching for ways to start their own income stream without having to be under the command of someone else (the dream of being their own boss). One great way to provide additional revenue is through local affiliate marketing. If you aren’t familiar with what this is check here; for those of you who are familiar with it but are hesitant about diving in I sure do have a treat for you!

At this point in time one of the best kept secrets of affiliate marketing is finding up and coming networks that are trustworthy yet under utilized because they offer the same value that say Google AdWords would offer you but create this value at a much steeper discount (due to the lack of competition). For anyone who knows me, you know that I am a big supporter of Jeremy Schoemaker “Shoemoney” because he offers viable tools for various industries and is a complete genius in building a reputable online brand, even in the middle of stereotypically falsified industry (affiliate marketing and making money online).

He is usually on focus with a dash of human qualities (being a complete LOST fan for one), and now he has truely done it again. If you have hit his blog in the past few hours you will notice a complete transformation of his background supporting this new push which get’s new users a $75 credit to use the MySpace MyAds platform to test out their local affiliate marketing techniques! During checkout just enter his special promo code of “SHOE 75” and your account will be credited accordingly!

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive head first into what could be a life changing career move and get that additional revenue stream that we all strive for.

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Building a sustainable business is all about how well you can gather and maintain an audience. An email list is still one of the most viable ways to do just that.

We wanted to find a way to build an email incredibly fast, in a way that people actually find interesting, engaging and well - cool. It took a lot of testing to weed-whack through all the hype and find something that really worked.

The result? We ended up building our own solution, focused around the idea of contests and rewarding people for taking the actions that ultimately led to more leads on our email list. Everyone wins (and some literally do!), because as it turns out people love contests regardless of their market place.

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