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GoDaddy Hosting Failure & an SEOmoz Link

by Travis Ketchum

An issue with GoDaddy took us down yesterday (happens), while we scrambled for a better host and Rand Fishkin linked to us.

Pinterest’s Dirty Little Secret

by Travis Ketchum

Pinterest is having a money grab without educating their users. Should merchants be worried?

10k Linkedin Ads Experiment – How To Guide

by Travis Ketchum

I set out to spend $10k on LinkedIn ads to see what kind of return is possible in the often overlooked social network. The results were simply astounding, I never knew you could make this kind of return with ads on a social network.

Good Design Matters

by Travis Ketchum

I don’t think anyone argues that designing for conversion is important.

But is there more to it than just A/B testing button colors and copywriting?

Great design isn’t just a luxury of high profile websites anymore, in fact it’s more critical.

Good design is now the price of entry, just like having great content. Tweet This

Stop offering products, Start giving experiences

by Travis Ketchum

If your business has a consumer facing product, and you sell it based on features alone then you are doing it wrong.

Entrepreneurship. The New American Dream.

by Travis Ketchum

The American dream used to be a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a Mercedes in the drive way. But things have changed a little bit… Today, the dream is to own a business. To be an entrepreneur. It’s a really interesting culture shift when you think about it, sure many people still value what […]

How Are Smart Phones Being Used?

by Travis Ketchum

What’s with all the buzz around smart phones changing the world? Here is how people are actually using them.

What is Internet Marketing?

by Travis Ketchum

Internet Marketing is seemingly way more complex than it really needs to be. Here is a simple three point definition of what internet marketing is.

How I Got Started With Internet Marketing

by Travis Ketchum

Interview with Brandon Na of Seattle Organic SEO and Travis Ketchum talk about starting business early, overcoming obstacles and the hustle of a young entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

How To Rock Google+

by Travis Ketchum

It feels like a social network pops up daily, but Google+ has engagement through the roof. Here how they did it and how you can leverage Google+ with your community.