Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk & Paradigm Shifts

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While some lucky bastards people have been getting their iPhone 4 early thanks to a FedEx slip-up, the rest of the United States will be getting their new iPhones tomorrow (myself included). But what is most interesting about this new iPhone launch is that is going to finally popularize a high quality camera in consumer devices. Yes, other phones have had high-end camera components.. and yes, Flip HD cams have been an affordable option for many to start producing 720p video clips for YouTube. However, one of the single best selling hand held cameras continues to be the Apple iPhone.

So, you understand why I mentioned Steve Jobs in the title (CEO & Co-Founder of Apple); but what the hell does Gary Vaynerchuk have to do with a hardware release? Gary’s first book “Crush It!”, a #2 NYT best-seller, talks about the paradigm shift we are seeing in our culture thanks to technology. The new and vastly affordable technology that allows us to connect is also changing the way we consume. Where do you watch your news clips now? Likely online if you are reading this blog, and having a quality 720p camera in your pocket and on a device that can directly upload to YouTube is MASSIVE for the Internet as a platform. As Steve Jobs said when the Apple TV was introduced in 2007 (along the same timeline as the original iPhone) was that YouTube is great, but the consumer source devices were the biggest hold up in the platform for a great user experience.

Paradigm Shifts

As with nearly everything technology based, it feels like the rate of innovation is accelerating at a break neck speed. This has never been more true however than it is currently in the smart phone innovation cycle. We are getting faster chips, better screens and vastly better cameras. Google is outpacing everyone in the past 5-7 months though, ever since the introduction of Android 2.0 with the Motorla Droid. This new combination of feature rich, and capable handsets has helped throw fuel on the competitive fire and pushed every partner in the value chain produce better products at lower price. This is a huge win for consumers and software platform developers, nothing proves this more than the over 220,000 Apps for the iPhone App store at the time of this writing.

The consumer is now a creator, the developer is now an artist and every industry that has been stagnant for centuries (read: news, media etc) is being turned upside down. The people in control of those industries hate it because they are afraid of change, afraid of new models, and afraid of letting consumers have the collective power they have always been on the brink of realizing. However, if these organizations do not realize that ‘resistance is futile’ i.e. RIAA & MPAA, and that consumers are ultimately in control but that we are a) willing to pay for great content & great services; as well as b) if these content & service providers don’t give the market what they want, the market simply navigates around the obstacles to consume how they want.

If these content and service organizations realized that on the flip-side of locking down their content and sticking to their old business models; that in fact going for affordable, mass consumption not only relates to higher revenues, more profit and better business than they might actually wake up to the shift that is already in full swing.

How do you see these new devices changing the way you create, consume or manipulate content? I for one, am very excited at the potential of these devices and can’t wait to get my paws on the new iPhone bright and early tomorrow!

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