Targeting… “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, and a few other notes

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Why do marketers have this sick obsession with wanting everyone to care about what they are doing? Stop shoving your message down the throats of unwilling prospects.

The sad fact is, that even with amazing products, most people really couldn’t care less about what you’re building or doing.

Usually it’s because you’ve failed miserably at answering the “Why should I care?” questions for your potential users. You have to also realize that even with something amazing, only a subset of people are going to qualify to benefit in any way at all.

And of that small segment, even fewer people will give you their strained attention span, and your conversion will be yet another percentage of this group.

Starting to notice a trend? Most people aren’t going to care about you, your product or your service. Start accepting this now.

But this is actually a GREAT thing for your business, you just need to understand why.

Why Targeting Rocks

A common theme among intelligent people in the startup community is “The worst outcome for a startup is not failure — its mediocrity.”

No one gets deep satisfaction with what they are doing when they try to be all things to all people. Not only will your product/service be subpar but how will anyone know to refer you? (Psst.. your mom doesn’t count here)

The reality is that if you claim to do SEO, PPC, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Web Hosting, Lawn Mowing, Dog Walking….. you’re never going to be the best at ANY of it, so no one is going to love to refer you.

You become an unknown and are no longer a compelling option for anyone, and worst yet is that you probably don’t realize it.

What if, instead you focused on being the BEST dog walker.. OR the best copywriter etc.

Then your clients will know exactly what to refer you for.

Breeding a Word-of-Mouth Engine

If you’re able to focus on just one thing, and you can be remarkable at it.. people will love to refer you.

Often times, regardless of how good we think we are at finding our customers using paid traffic sources (Ads), or going to the right conferences, there is one extremely great source to finding new customers in a way you’ll never be able to buy: word of mouth referrals.

Sure, you can incentivize people with affiliate/referral programs, and that helps. But if you make an excellent product or provide an amazing service you’re happiest customers will “spread the good word” about what you’re doing.

Once you master your craft, word of mouth is going to get you into the far reaches where even the most targeted ad campaign would never reach.

Not everyone responds or pays attention to ads (in fact, an overwhelming majority of people don’t trust ads at all). But a friend-to-friend referral filled with praise? That’s better than gold and carries weight because it’s much more likely to answer the “why should I care” outside of your direct network.

By focusing on one thing to be excellent at, you’ll get more quality referrals of people who actually want what you’re offering and will stick around longer.

Letting People Out

Targeting is a funny thing, people who love you will really love you.

BUT, this also means that a good portion of your audience just want get any value out of a relationship with you. This is O.K.

When you focus on one thing, you’re going to be creating raving fans if you do a good job. But this also means that 70 other things you never did well (and no longer do at all) will not be even remotely appealing to your previously semi-interested audience.

Most of us know that it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go find a new one, but there is one big exception to this rule. If someone is really, truly uninterested in being a customer and wants to opt-out of your marketing communication, you need to let them. There are two eventualities of prospects on your list.

1.) They buy something and become a customer
2.) They become uninterested and want out

If they fall into #2, it actually costs you money to expend resources on trying to convert and keep them. Most email list companies charge by the number of subscribers, plus you likely have staffing costs to try and reach out prospects (and dead leads are pretty much the worst for a sales person), and general pains of trying to manage a large audience of leads.

Take Away

1. Focus on something you love and try to be the best you possibly can be at it, people will appreciate that.

2. Make it easy for your current customers to want to refer you business. Being clear in what you do and how you do it differently is the easiest way to make this happen.

3. Let the uninterested prospects leave your funnel, they actually just cost you money and slow you down. Not everyone is going to want what you’re offering and that’s more than okay.

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