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Yesterday, a cool company called HasOffers was nice enough to put on an open house for clients and potential clients. Special guest Jeremy Schoemaker was there (“Shoemoney”) for some extra fun. One thing I couldn’t help but notice about the type of people both at the event as well as employees was the type of person it takes to be in affiliate marketing as a general rule. What is more shocking though is the difference between the people who are actually making it compared to those who aren’t.

Performance Marketing vs Performance Talking

I am always amazed at how many people are “in affiliate marketing” that really only make $20 bucks here and there by spamming their friends with links compared to actually understanding how to setup a marketing funnel that when you put $1 in, you get more than $1 out.. while not all funnels are scalable (in fact many are difficult to grow vertically) you can at least generate repetition in your practices to know what is profitable vs what isn’t.

The most interesting part of this though is that the people who make the $20 must like to count numbers more than once because they are usually the people who act like they are pulling in $200k + a year in profit from their activities, while the people who are the real deal give you a hint of what they are doing without giving away their profitable niche (unless of course their talk is what makes them money). Because the industry moves so fast, if someone is eager to tell you about how they are making money you need to seriously ask yourself if this person is a) only making money by telling you their “secret” or even worse b) what they are trying to sell you USED to work but now is a saturated market that will likely never work again they way it did for them.

My next post will be about finally meeting Shoemoney in person (disclosure: I have worked with Shoemoney Media on a project) and how being successful doesn’t mean you have to claw people to be on top.

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