Tsillan (Chelan) Winery

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I have had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days here at Lake Chelan with some close family friends. Between skipping across the lake on a SeaDoo (60+ mph!) and hanging out in the sun we visited a fantastic winery called ‘Tsillan’ which is Native American for “Chelan”, the name of this area. Now for those who know me, you will also know that being fresh out of College I have enjoyed the inexpensive perks of Busch Light at the regular social functions, and while I will probably still drink that on my future Yacht.. I also see the need to widen my horizons to the luxurious of drinks: Wine.

My parents have always enjoyed wine, but they have often enjoyed red wines; which if you aren’t very familiar with different Wines, reds have a very distinctive flavor that often comes with a strong after taste. I’m told that starting with White Wines in your “Wine Career” is best because they are typically a little less full-bodied and carry a lighter aftertaste (if really any at all). Tsillan Winery was a great place to widen my horizons as they had some fantastic wines (not just my opinion) and I was able to sample numerous wines. As expected many of the whites won my favors and as a standout I really enjoyed both the Riesling and the Dry Riesling whites.

So if you are open to expanding your horizons, don’t hesitate to start with the Whites; particularly the Rieslings and expand from there. Everyone has a different set of tastes, but hopefully that helps you get started!

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